Office parties are unavoidable, and they can be great fun. However, hosting an office party is not as easy as it may seem at first. At office parties, the higher ups mingle with the employees at the lower rungs. So, the party organiser must make sure that everyone is happy. It’s not easy to please everyone, so here are several tips that might help:

Choose a ThemeYour party needs a theme before anything else. Now, remember that this is not your niece’s birthday party, so you will have to choose a theme wisely. Don’t choose something that is too formal or is common in the industry. For example, if your company sells flowers, don’t choose a flower theme necessarily. The employees could be sick of flowers. So, choose something unexpected and awesome like a dinosaur theme (just an example). Keep the guests wowed, interested and happy to work at the company with the theme you choose. Don’t forget to use the theme in decorations, promotional paper bags and the gift baskets that may be provided.

Be Semi FormalFor office parties, even if you choose a silly theme, you should aim for everything to be semi formal. If it’s too formal, the low-rung employees might be unhappy. If it’s too informal, the higher ups who are used to black tie events with canapés may be unhappy. So keep it in the middle where people can let lose without losing their jobs.

Don’t Forget to Promote ProductsEven if it’s an office party for a select crowd, don’t forget to promote your products at the party. Engrave brand labels and such on promotional paper bags, cups, free gifts and similar items. It’s common for office parties to invite outsiders, and if they come, they should be aware of what you are selling at the company.

Off the RecordIf any media are invited, make sure each and every journalist knows that your office party is completely off the record. You don’t want to see pictures of your drunk CEO on the next day’s paper, now do you?

Choose a Caterer CarefullyWhen you hire a cater for the event, it’s wise to go sample all the dishes they are offering. Also, get in touch with other offices who may have worked with the caterer before and get their opinions as well. Check out more about Lanyards in Australia

Outside Venues are Not Necessary A separate venue is not necessary unless everyone wants it or if the office is too small to hold the guest list.The above tips will greatly help you host an amazing party.