Natural fertiliser is anything that comes from a plant or an animal that you can use as a source to give nutrition to plants. In a world, where everything seems to be getting artificial whether it is food or clothes, using natural garden fertiliser has become a rare thing when comparing it with the use of synthetic fertiliser. Synthetic fertiliser is a solution people have created to mimic natural fertiliser. Though its results can be seen within a shorter period, in the long term it is the natural fertiliser that is good for everyone.

Those people who actually care about the nature and the world we live in are using more and more nature friendly methods of life though the numbers of such people still have to grow to make a significant change in the world. This change is happening in every field. For example, in the field of gardening, those who want to choose the best way to be one with nature choose organic gardening.

If you are also thinking about starting to use natural fertiliser here is some information that can help you.


Compost is the most known natural fertiliser. Compost is made of decaying plant parts such as parts of vegetables, leaves, grass, etc. You can make compost if you want to. Basically, what you do when making compost is putting all the plant material that you throw away into a bin. For example, if you are peeling potatoes to make dinner, you throw the peels into your compost bin. You can put the inedible vegetables and fruits into the bin too. Also, once you sweep the garden or mow the lawn, you can gather the grass and leaves and put them into the bin as well. Once they are gathered inside the bin, you let it decompose until it reaches the stage where it can be used as fertiliser. Or if you do not have space or time to make compost you can buy it from the market as well.

Animal Dung

Though compost is good, in order for the soil to get more enriched you need to add other matter that helps to enrich the soil such as animal dung. Different types of animal dung such as sheep manure, chicken droppings, cow dung, horse muck, etc. are used by different farmers and gardeners. Depending on your area you may find one or more types of this dung.

Using natural fertiliser will help you protect the environment as well as yourself. Therefore, try to use natural fertiliser whenever you can.