You’ve been living in a basic home with enough space for the entire family but do you need more than that? Then it is probably high time you started thinking about your dream home. Building your dream home is one of the most precious achievements in your life, which may stand above all. So here are few things you need to consider when building it since you are obviously expecting to live there long term and hence the right decision is very important.

1. The features you’ve always wantedUp until now, you’ve been searching for a home that has adequate rooms for your entire family, which is close by to your work place and other basic factors. However, now you need to look for your dream home from a different mindset. It’s high time you stop looking for a home that fulfills your basic needs. A dream home is more about fulfilling your wishes and not needs. Think of all those specialties you needed in your home, a pool, Jacuzzi, mini bar or even a mini movie theatre. You can go on imagining but make sure you have the finances to take up house and land packages in Warralily Coast, and actually put it up.

2. The neighbourhoodYou need to realize that you will be living in a community and hence looking into your neighbourhood is vital. The surrounding areas you choose could be different for many reasons. For example, if you are looking to build a holiday home, you have the option of a secluded forest so that it gives you the peace you need, or a bustling town if you don’t want to move away from the city life. Whatever you like, choose wisely.

3. FinancesYour dream home will remain a dream if you don’t have the money. Make sure you have a plan on how to arrange the finances so that you know how much you could afford. You can make use of bank loans and other lending facilities available. Since this is your dream home, you should hardly make compromises so be ready to spend with no regret.

4. Your home styleDifferent people have different preferences in home styles. You can choose from colonial, bungalow, cottage, modern and may more. Use your creativity and decorate your home the way you like. Clearly mention the style to your architect so that he could do your house designs according to that. If you are after house and land packages in Berwick Springs, go to

5. The layoutThe layout of your home depends on the land size, the number of rooms you need, where you want to place them and any additional features such as pools, decks etc. So sit down with your architect and involve in your home plan. Decide on how spacious the living room should be, how many bedrooms will be there on each floor, where will the terrace be etc.