Emergency medical technicians is a term which has three major types and level. The entry level, the advanced level and then the paramedics. The entry level and the advanced level are the EMT whereas the third type is of the paramedic this suggest that the paramedic is also the person who works as the emergency medical technicians but his paramedic qualification has distinguished him from the entry level and advanced level EMT.

When providing the emergency services in ambulance or the helicopter in cases when the condition of the patients are very severe, the emergency medical service department sends out the team which consists of both the EMTs and the paramedics. Any one of these may drive the vehicle whereas the second is there to attend the patient. Not all the patient require the assistance during their ambulance trip, they may only be need to transferred but in some cases assistance is necessary.

The paramedic qualification includes much more practice and use of many complex equipment than the EMT. The CBD first aid Brisbane is able to perform many pre hospital functions. He has knowledge about the oral medicines and he can give it to the patients at the time of the emergency. Along with the medication knowledge the paramedics are trained to interpret the readings of various medical equipment which includes the electrocardiograms, which is a very important equipment in the field of the medicine and is used to monitor the patient with heart problem.

On the other hand, the EMT task is also to attend the patient of the emergency and to provide their services in case of cardiac arrest and traumas. However, EMTs are trained only to deal with specific medical situations and are provided with limited solutions. This is the basic level of the EMT also known as the entry level EMT.

In case of the advanced level EMT, the EMT has acquired additional knowledge and advanced skill set which is more than the entry level EMT but is still less than the paramedic. These are trained to have knowledge of the medications but have no knowledge about the use and interpretation of the good cert 3 patient transport.

However, apart from the qualification, the EMT and the paramedics must work in harmony as a collaborative team so that they can provide the best technical and emotional support to their patient. They must be very communicative with each other and with the patient to analyze the situation.