In earlier times, the human waste or any other form of wastage was thrown openly in a ground which was one of the main reasons for causing many serious diseases but as the time passed, people became more acknowledged and aware. They realized that they need to separate the wastage from their residential areas so eventually sewage system was introduced. Obviously, it was not that much developed at that time span but still the concept of separate pipeline system was originated. Now, we are living in an age where sewage system has been so properly organized that we do not even notice it any more. But installation of these sewage pipelines is quite complicate task. In this article, we will be discussing about threaded metal pipe and different types of pipes.

Sewer pipe:

Sewer pipe is a cylindrical structure that is basically used for the transfer of waste material from industrial, commercial and residential area to the wastage treatment plant. The human waste is sent through another network of pipeline system and to another target whereas industrial wastage is passed through separate pipeline system and to separate wastage treatment plant. This separation is done because industrial waste consists of hazardous material which cannot be decomposed like human waste so they need to be treated separately.

Different kinds of pipe:

We know that sewer pipe are cylindrical structures and are used for transfer of waste material but rarely do we know about the different types of pipes. Various kinds of pipes can be found around the world. The most commonly used pipes are polyvinyl chloride pipes. These PVC pipes are most common because they have high tensile strength, light weight and are sold in cheaper rates. They are made up of the polymer of vinyl chloride and are used for the transfer of excess water. Then there are pipes that are made up of cast iron, these pipes are quite heavy and firm. Moreover, their inner surface is smooth enough to allow the easy passage of waste material from different places to the targeted area. Visit for mine ventilation ducting.

Other than the above mentioned types, there is a type of a pipe which is made up of cement and asbestos. Such pipes can endure lot of pressure. Conclusively, we can say that a wide variety of pipes can be found in the market, each one having its own features and qualities.


The installation of pipeline systems has been one of the most progressive steps taken by mankind. As these pipeline networks not only takes away the wastage from residential areas but also plays an integral role in maintaining the irrigation system. Sewer pipe are the pipes that are used to transfer the waste material from residential and commercial areas to waste treatment plant. Different kinds of pipes can be seen in a market, each one having its own properties and uses. “Plascorp” provides the best quality of sewer pipes all across the Australia.